Image logs have been applying normally as a single tool for observing fractures, faults, sedimentary facies or structural setting around the borehole. In comparison with the full set logs, they have not been used or be involved in field study generally. The oil companies run these logs mostly in exploration or problematic wells for collecting more information. Another reason, which has been prevented general application of these sort logs, is high price of these services. But nowadays in carbonate fractured reservoirs which are main reservoir in Western Asia, due to need of fracture modeling, by running the image logs, the oil companies can acquire the most important subsurface fractures data. In this paper by applying multiwell image logs from the Rag-e Safid oil field in southwest Iran, the fracture model can be constructed by processing and interpreting of all image logs, which run into these wells. Base on this model, the fracture interpretation of the main reservoir is tuned better. This method of fracture study can be applied for any carbonate reservoir which has enough image logs

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