The development of the Tarim Basin had been lagged behind because of its unique reservoir characteristics and notorious drilling conditions. The main challenges faces by operators can be grouped into three areas:

  1. Deep reservoir;

  2. Poor borehole condition;

  3. Complex relationship between logging response and reservoir characteristics.

The constraint of these challenging environments along with traditional logging limitation restrained the formation evaluation of these complex reservoirs. At the same time, the lack of information in this area resulted in "blind" drilling where limited logging devices were allowed in BHA under such high risk environment. Bad borehole condition had also negatively impacted the logging data quality acquired after drilling. This situation formed a vicious cycle and has tremendously obstructed the final reservoir development in this area. Pilot projects had been initialized to evaluate and select suitable LWD measurements to address these problems. This paper describes how those LWD technologies were applied in Tarim innovatively to solve the respective problems. These examples showed an evolutional step had been taken placed in horizontal well evaluation in promoting the deep and complex reservoir development in Tarim basin.

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