Wakamuk Field, which is an oil field with limestone resevoir located belongs two oil company, so that field operated by unitisation method which is each company has an different split number in that field. Although this field only has one structure, the performance production from this field divided into two. In the East area has good enough performance production, in the other side has diopposite.

To be sure wether this different performance production caused of subsurface or non subsurface factor, they needs a method could explain why there are has two performance production.

The rock-fabric method of petrophysical characterization introducing by Lucia is based on relationships that exist between pore type, pore size, particle size, and sorting. Once rock fabrics are identified, they can be assigned to petrophysical classes that have rock-fabric-specific porosity/permeability transforms.

This paper defines using of rock fabric method for an oil field limestone reservoir characterization with unique production performance. Hope that with these characterization method could explain why in the same field there are two diffrent performance production, in the other hand could use as justification method for better split number of unitisation.

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