Wildcat wells are being drilled in Surinam and Guyana. The paper reviews the logging programs used on wells located geographically close to these countries. A detailed study is made of the log interpretation techniques which were employed on wells drilled in Eastern Venezuela, Trinidad and Northern Brazil. It is expected that lithological and formation fluid characteristics encountered in Surinam and Guyana will often not be very different from those found in the wells analyzed in this paper. From the time that some of these wells were drilled and logged, improved logging services and interpretation methods have become available. Reference is made to these services and techniques. Suggestions are presented for their application. A brief discussion is offered on the use of auxiliary logging devices for a better knowledge of structural and stratigraphic features. Log examples are included which show the application to problems of sub-surface geology. Reference is made to local geology and geography where required for a better understanding of the criteria followed in selecting logging tools and interpretation methods.

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