The never-ending search for oil continues to push the petroleum frontier into new and unexplored regions. One such region is Canada's vast northland. Although the exploration and development of this area received an excellent start by the Canol project in the Norman Wells area during early 1940, it was, and still is, relegated to a secondary role by the development of Canada's southwestern sedimentary basin. The problems of exploration in Canada's Arctic and Sub-Arctic sedimentary basins are many and the costs are high. However, as older producing areas become depleted, the North is and will be the area to provide the new sources of oil and gas. In order to obtain the most amount of information from every well drilled it is necessary to obtain good, complete data. Logs of the wells drilled play an important part in supplying this data. Through experience over the past 20 years we have gained valuable information which may assist in planning successful logging operations. This paper will attempt to supply a logical approach to the planning and completing of successful logging programs in this remote northern areas of Canada.

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