This paper is presenting an overview of a refined methodology to secure optimal control of slurry properties for coiled tubing squeeze cementing. The basis is accurate specifications of critical slurry properties, specialized test procedures and slurry mixing procedures.

Special emphasis is placed on properties of filter cake generated during a squeeze. It was verified that slurries with copolymer type fluid loss additives as well as latex based fluid loss control additives produced firm, predictable filter cakes, while retaining other critical properties.

Shear energy imparted to the cement slurry proved to influence several slurry properties. Laboratory and field data verified that filter cake height, fluid loss, slurry consistency and thickening time stabilized when a certain level of shear energy was reached. Reproducibility of test data between laboratory and the field was within acceptable limits.

Specialized methods for preparation of cement slurries, in the laboratory as well as in the field, are described along with the supporting theory.

Quality assurance procedures throughout the process are described in detail.

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