In recent years the frequency of offshore Arctic drilling has declined such that most of the equipment has been shut down or removed from the region. Similarly, many of the personnel and services for mounting an offshore drilling project have been dispersed. The task therefore to plan and execute a short notice drilling project in Camden Bay presented some major hurdles for the Operator, ARCO Alaska, Inc., and the Drilling Contractor, BeauDril.

This paper will describe the project planning details and techniques involved in the short time leading up towards drilling the ARCO Kuvlum No. 1 well offshore the north coast of Alaska. The assembly of numerous highly technical resources to perform this operation required the identification of key milestones and communication to the ever growing project team. Most importantly, the Operator/Contractor team approach will be outlined from the proposal through the contract and startup phases.

In addition to the operational planning, the paper will also address the array of regulatory and community requirements that were planned in support of the project. Careful attention was paid to commitments and deadlines in this area so that all necessary approvals and certificates were received prior to committing major project capital expenditures.

The 1992 phase of the project was completed in the fourth quarter of that year, and the paper will reference some of the actual operations and how the plan was utilized during the different phases of the operation.

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