This paper will describe a new electronic measurement system that maximizes the efficiency of slickline operations by providing greater depth-measurement accuracy than previously possible. Conventional systems employ mechanical measurement devices that cannot make measurement adjustments for environmental or physical stress factors; for this reason, depth measurements do not provide absolute accuracy. Through use of a recently-developed electronic counter, this new measurement system has the capability to make the needed adjustments to address this problem.

The continuous need for cost efficiency in today's oil and gas industry has made depth measurement accuracy more critical for service operations. Through continuous high-speed depth adjustment and data transmission capabilities, this system fulfills today's accuracy needs and extends use of slickline beyond the limitations of simple mechanical measurement systems.

Through the results obtained from testing and case histories, the paper will address the practical benefits and features for improved depth measurements. These include:

  • Depth-measurement accuracy for all commonly used slicklines and braided lines.

  • Measurement corrections for stretch resulting from line tension and temperature effects on counter wheel.

  • High-speed microprocessing compatible with slickline speeds.

  • Retrieval of depth and time information for use with downhole memory production surveys.

  • Use of the system for downhole memory tool surveys as a cost-effective alternative to electric-line logging.

High speed resolution and data retrieval make this system more sophisticated than any other offered for slickline well servicing. Additional testing indicates that planned electronic development will further increase the scope of slickline for well servicing by providing even greater efficiency and versatility.

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