This report embodies a simulation study on using oscillatory injection-production schemes for steamflooding oil reservoirs. The oscillation in injection being studied included ON-OFF alternation, HIGH-LOW alternation in steam quality and HIGH-LOW alternation in both steam injection rates and steam quality. ON-OFF alternation in production was assumed to be in phase, out of phase or partially in phase with the oscillation in injection. The effects of periods, amplitudes and timing of oscillation on steamflood performance were also studied.

The results showed that simple ON-OFF oscillation, in injection only, injecting steam at the rate of 600 BPD for 6 months, alternating with 6 months of non-injection, can increase the oil production by 6% over injecting steam at the rate of 300 BPD continuously. Furthermore, the oil recoveries at the ends of the first year and the second year are 5.5 and 20.7% of the oil-in-place, respectively, for the oscillating case, much greater than the 2.8 and 14.4%, respectively, obtained without oscillation.

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