In large steamflood operations, there is a need to measure accurately the steam quality and mass flow rate at the injection wellhead. At Texaco's steamflood operation at the Kern River Field in Bakersfield, California, a novel technique which incorporates an orifice plate in series with a critical flow choke has been developed and tested in the field.

Results from field testing proved the technique to be a potentially viable, low-cost and reasonably accurate method with an accuracy of +/- 5 quality points for steam quality and +/- 32 BSPD-CWE [5.09 m3/day - CWE] for flow rate. The method was tested at steam qualities ranging from 15 to 88% and at mass flow rates ranging from 200 to 800 BSPD-CWE [32 to 121 m3/day - CWE]. Upstream pressures ranged from 300 to 700 psia [2068 to 4826 kPa].

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