The first Laramie Energy Technology Center steamflood experiment in a Utah Tar Sand, LETC TS-1S, was conducted in the Northwest Asphalt Ridge deposit located near Vernal, Utah. Following completion of construction in April 1980, steam injection was initiated in the center well of two concentric inverted five spot patterns. The zone chosen for the experiment was a 45 foot (14 m) thick sandstone in the Rimrock Member of the Mesaverde Formation. The pattern area was 0.25 acres (1012 m2) and contained a 12% API (986 kg/m3) bitumen with a viscosity greater than 106 centipoise (103 Pa.s) at reservoir conditions. The average oil saturation was 78.9 percent of the pore volume. During the 160 days of operation, 65,700 barrels (10.4 dam3) of water equivalent steam were injected at 360 to 530 psig (2.5 to 3.7 MPa) and 180 to 650 BPD (29 to 103 m3/d). Total production during the test amounted to 1,150 barrels (183 m3) of oil and 6,250 barrels (994 m3) of water.

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