Programs for field evaluation of solids control equipment have been developed for a hand-held programmable calculator. The evaluation yields significant information using typical field equipment.

Such an analysis is useful for economic decisions at the wellsite, regarding a water-based drilling fluid, when equipment efficiency is a consideration. Such economic considerations as barite loss, expensive fluid phase loss, and actual cleaning efficiency of equipment (to determine if adjustments are needed) can be done in the field. The program is easily adjusted for brine systems and can be designed for a specific fluid on a specific well. Examples are included herein, as well as the formulas used (for a fresh water system) and wellsite testing procedures.

Program input data reflect density, rate, and component percentage. The output data yields total solids removed (in pounds per hour), average specific gravity of the solids, the percent and amount (in pounds per hour) of high and low gravity solids, and the amount of fluid lost (in barrels per hour).

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