This paper describes a reservoir modeling study that integrates 3D geological modeling with thermal simulation. The objective of the study was to optimize the steam injection schedule and establish a redevelopment strategy for the Tulare reservoir in the McKittrick field. 3D geological interpretation and visualization technology helps capture detailed heterogeneity to properly represent relevant flow units and barriers. The reservoir model was validated by history matching 10 years of field performance. Modeling past performance has identified weaknesses in reservoir description and suggested modifications that were needed to improve the model.

Forecasts of future performance were made under different operating conditions and redevelopment scenarios. Simulation results show that the steamflood efficiency and project profitability can be improved by reducing current steam injection. Evaluation of various development scenarios indicates that twinning the injection wells, to separately provide steam injection support to the upper and more mature, lower sands, makes a significant improvement on production performance and project economics.

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