The success of oil field cementing operations, whether for completion or remedial purposes, is a vital factor in determining the well's future productive life and the eventual return on the well owner's investment.

With the advent of deeper and deeper wells, requiring specialized cement formulations with critical solid-to-water ratios, slurry density must be closely controlled. If the cement job is to be successful and the set cement is to have optimum strength and sealing characteristics, proper slurry density is important to insure proper initial viscosity, pump ability time, and strength after a predetermined waiting-on-cement time.

The problems of the control of cement density, cement water-loss, and cement retardation have been solved by the use of such additives as Diacel"D", Diacel "LWL" and Diacel "A". Another fairly recent development is a cementing service called "Cealment" (R) employing a specialized mixture of latex and Portland cement designed to improve the properties of the Portland cement.

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