The unconventional revolution in North America has attracted large investments from national oil companies (NOCs) and international oil companies (IOCs) eager to gain knowledge and add profitable unconventional resources to their asset portfolios. A key element of realizing this goal is the rapid and effective development of in-house technical personnel to support the effort. In 2008, a major NOC in Asia began its unconventional quest with an initial entry into a coal seam gas (CSG) opportunity in Australia, followed by investments in shale gas plays in the prolific Canadian North Montney area. To develop the much needed in-house capability, the NOC partnered with a major service provider to develop and deliver training programs to prepare its geoscientists and engineers to work within the unconventional division.

Previous efforts by the NOC to develop in-house unconventional capabilities were hampered by a lack of data specific to their joint-venture shale assets. The newly established Unconventional Division had recently acquired an interest in Canadian Unconventional assets, and challenged the joint team to design a capability development program that would utilize this data, deliver practical experience, and build critical staff knowledge, in less than 6 months. The NOC agreed to provide data from their Canadian asset to enable the development of an accelerated, immersive program.

The redesigned 10-week program used a source rock reservoir development workflow that incorporated a geoscience and engineering software suite to enable participants to review the field data and evaluate optimization opportunities. The goal-oriented tasks were to evaluate the project areas and develop the in-place gas resource to reach plateau production.

The program was conducted entirely in Kuala Lumpur at the service provider's offices between September 8 and November 20, 2014, with development plan results presented to the NOC's management in Kuala Lumpur and Calgary. This paper presents the program development, challenges encountered through the preparation and deployment, final outcomes, and lessons learned.

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