Sedimentary deposits and structural control on the depositional pattern in South Pine River basin has been investigated in the present study. The basin has attracted less attention in the past mainly due to its relatively smaller size and proximity to a larger basin. The basin is thought to carry signatures of past seismic activities and falls in the region south of crisscrossing fault zone. Previous studies in this area by Hofmann (1980) have described the quaternary sedimentation. Regional studies by Hodgkinson et al. (2007) focused on drainage patterns and their structural controls.

Digital elevation models (DEM) have been derived from contours at an interval of 5m available from published topographical maps and spot heights from USGS (2004) combined with sedimentological studies of exposed deposits were carried out along the South Pine River.

A fault trending N-S direction parallel to the major fault trend in this area was identified. The surface manifestations of the subsurface structure include a sudden change in the river morphology, change in the slope derived from DEM, confluence of the tributaries on approaching the fault zone and sudden changes in the sedimentary deposits. Alluvial fan deposits were identified on the downthrown block of the fault. Photographs of the sites were taken to record their characteristics. Minor seismic activity has also been recorded close to this fault (one of which was recorded in 1960) confirming its presence.

A combination of changes in lightning, vertical exaggeration and changes in the field of view of the DEM has proved to be very useful in identifying the location of the structure. This fault is thought to be a part of major fault system on the northern part of the study area. The concentration of fault traces decreases significantly from north to south as depicted from studies by Hodgkinson et al. (2007). Further studies, including but not limited to trenching and ground penetrating radar studies can give important clues on the nature and type of the structure.

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