The combination of underground coal gasification and gas to liquids technologies offers the potential to produce high quality synthetic oil and associated products from deep coal reserves that are unsuitable or uneconomic to extract using conventional methods. This paper provides a summary of achievements made over the past five years at the world's only Demonstration Facility where UCG and GTL technologies have been successfully integrated and operated to produce synthetic oil products. The process of UCG is described, along with the key features of the proprietary technology developed and operated by Linc Energy. A number of the experiences gained from operating multiple underground gasifiers over several years are outlined. The GTL facility at the Demonstration facility is described, along with selected results from operations of the gas conditioning unit and the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons using the Fischer-Tropsch process. The products generated from the facility are summarised. In the second half of the paper an outline is provided of a commercial UCG to GTL facility and some of its characteristic performance parameters. Technology selection and project execution considerations for commercial scale plants are discussed. Finally, the global potential of UCG as a method for producing unconventional gas from deep coal is discussed and some of the challenges and opportunities for producing unconventional oil via integration of UCG and GTL are summarised.

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