Traditionally hydraulic fracturing fleets are powered by over twenty large diesel engines up to 2,500 BHP each. By removing all diesel engines from a hydraulic fracturing site and replacing them with mobile turbine engine generator units, a fleet can be run completely on electric power. This technology was first deployed in 2014 in the Marcellus shale formation in West Virginia, and is the first fully electric, fully mobile well stimulation system completely fueled by natural gas.

The fleet runs on electric power generated by three natural-gas-fueled turbine engine generators. The power generated by the turbines then runs through switchgear and is stepped down to 600 volts (V) using transformers. At this point, the electric powered fleet is similar to a conventional hydraulic fracturing fleet, except that all the fleet’s diesel engines and transmissions are replaced by electric motors and variable frequency drives. Pumps, blenders, hydration, data van, and sand equipment are all completely electric powered.

The electric well stimulation fleet has shown great advances in environmental responsibility.

The fleet reduces refueling traffic, fueling costs, emissions, and sound. Electric powered hydraulic fracturing is an important step to conducting well stimulation in a more environmentally responsible manner.

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