In this study, three shale gas production models are evaluated against field data from 17 gas wells in four different shale types.

Gas production from unconventional gas reservoirs keeps growing. Although there are many models have been published in the literature, sometimes it is difficult to determine which model to use in predicting the production rate.

Based on a broad literature survey, three shale models were selected to evaluate against field data. The three models are the Duong model, the stretched exponential production decline model and the fracture flow model. The field data are from 17 gas wells in the Barnett shale, the Woodford shale, the Fayetteville shale and the Haynesville shale. Among the 17 wells, there are both dry and wet gas wells, the production history ranges from 3 to 8 years and the maximum monthly production rate ranges from15 MMcf/month to 160 MMcf/month. In the 17 wells, 14 are horizontal and 3 are vertical.

The results of this study can be used as guidelines in choosing shale gas models.

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