Modern horizontal well completion technologies consisting of cased or openhole wellbores and multiple hydraulic fractures have revolutionized production from very low permeability oil and gas reservoirs. This paper extends the application of these completions to production systems using thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes. It reports the results of an extensive simulation study to evaluate the performance of different completion technologies using horizontal wells with and without multiple hydraulic fractures. The results indicate that combination of horizontal wells with multiple fractures increases access to the reservoir and enhances fluid injectivity, improves sweep efficiency and time, accelerates oil production rates and increases ultimate oil recovery.

Proposed production system is especially beneficial in reservoirs with high heterogeneity in fluid and rock properties. It lowers the risk of injected fluid channeling through high permeability segments and natural fractures; thereby improving the injection profile and reducing by-passing of the reservoir fluid. In addition, the paper provides completion recommendations for avoiding some of the operational issues that usually come up when considering horizontal wells, and, hydraulic fracturing for EOR systems.

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