Heavy oil contribution is considered a key requirement for delivering the challenging 2030 strategic production targets of Kuwait. Different production technologies have been considered for meeting this challenge. Initially the cold production technology of CHOPS (Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand) has been tried through a pilot. The present paper summarizes the performance of the first CHOPS pilot performance and analysis of the pilot results. The analysis of the performance data from the pilot provides important clue for understanding the reservoir description issues as well as sand production characteristics. The result of the study has relevance for sand management strategies in the planned future thermal development of the field as well. The wealth of information available from the pilot helps developing an improved dynamic reservoir description.

The paper demonstrates that the CHOPS process has an intimate relationship with rock mechanics, fluid viscosity and the flow potential of the formation. It is also demonstrated how the field surveillance data can be used to investigate the enigmatic subject of "Foamy Oil" (Alshmakhy et al. 2007). The results can also help in developing an improved completion strategy for the wells, especially in the area of sand management. The paper provides important field performance data and analysis of the CHOPS pilot performance from Kuwait that can be used for taking decisions on applicability of the process in other similar reservoir set ups. The analysis also helps firming up an optimized sand management strategy for this reservoir.

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