Examples of an integrated approach for quantifying oil and gas production potential in different hydrocarbon windows of the Eagle Ford Shale are presented. The Eagle Ford basin is unique in that reservoir fluids range from black oil to dry gas depending on the geology, burial depth, and temperature. The main goal of this paper is to guide operators to an understanding of potential reserves and their distribution in the Eagle Ford through the use of our specialized analysis and methodology to estimate ultimate recoveries.

Data from the Eagle Ford Shale was compiled and analyzed to gain knowledge about the basin. The geology aided in indentifying "sweet spots" based on the various thermal maturation windows. Also, recent drilling and completion activities were examined in addition to the observed production from public databases. The intent was to determine curent completion practices in different parts of the Eagle Ford and also provide insight on the relationship between geologic features and production trends. A rapid asset evaluation case study is presented to demonstrate technique and workflow that uses vintage vertical well data to provide an estimate of asset value and reserves for a typical horizontal well in the Eagle Ford.

The results of the study identifies "sweet spots" of oil and gas production and indicates that 1) Eagle Ford production is related to the maturation windows, as well as structure; 2) the best wells in the Eagle Ford are in the thicker areas; 3) Austin Chalk production relates to the underlying Eagle Ford production; 4) different completions for different areas and types of hydrocarbons should be considered, and 5) data and knowledge integration is the key for rapid evaluation of asset value in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Operators can use this information and technique to help 1) better understand the uniqueness of the Eagle Ford Shale, 2) optimize their completion design and field development plan, and 3) calibrate expectations on oil and gas reserves potential under their acreage.

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