Indonesia has many fossil fuel resource fields widespread in its territory. Some of them located at Kalimantan, shore and offshore. Commonly, exploration & production (E&P) of oil & gas are different area than coal mining, but in fact in many areas overlap of mining. One is the field Tapian that overlaps between the sectors of E&P oil and gas to coal. Government of Indonesia intends to produce all the fossil fuels in order to encourage the economic stability and development. To produce all the fossil fuels resource is complexs. Oil & gas sector and coal mining sector are different activities. It's related with many issues such as mining zone restrictions, funding, the handover of assets and also health, safety & environment. It's challenging to compromise and mitigate each sector impact so all the E&P fuels can be achieved. Tapian area is the most good success story how to manage and coordinate all the risk so the E&P of oil, gas and coal mining can be realized. It's all started with negotiating the Plan of Development (POD) of each sector, discussion, lobby, risk assessment and ended with Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of all sectors that involved. Pertamina also attempted to mitigate all the risks that exist. Some of them include blasting effect, slope stability, road access safety, increasing settlement & social friction, water scarce, environment quality and lighting "attack". With the good management and precaution, both sector succes to mitigate all the risks. Nowadays, Tapian is producing approximately 197 BOPD, 0.246 MMSCFD of gas and 20 MT coal per year.

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