Fort Assiniboine is a commercial Coalbed Methane field in central Alberta, Canada with over 200 multilateral horizontal wells in the Upper Cretaceous Mannville coal. The Mannville coal seams in this area are under-saturated. Therefore the reservoir's ability to dewater the coal through the fracture fabric to establish a gas phase is key to improving permeability to gas within the fracture system and thus achieving economic gas production rates. There is a wide range of production rates seen across the field. The multiple variables that affect gas production can be divided into a two main categories, wellbore parameters and reservoir parameters. Some of these variables were sufficiently straightforward to establish while other variables, such as permeability, are not as easily ascertained in a fractured coal system having multiphase flow. Field wide data was collected from core, wells, geological and geophysical mapping and production data. The information was compiled and analyzed in order to determine the major controls on gas production rates.

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