The ERCB/AGS has collected over 270 core samples from the Duvernay and Muskwa formations in Alberta and run a series of tests to characterize the formation for resource assessment. The geochemical and geological tests include adsorption isotherm, Rock-Eval/TOC, XRD whole rock and clay mineralogy, permeameter, porosimetry, thin section analysis and SEM imaging. The purpose of this talk is to discuss the regional geological and geochemical attributes of the Duvernay and to a lesser extent the Muskwa leading to a shale gas resource assessment. An important aspect of our study is that the samples wer taken to represent a variety of lithofacies and colour variations, for example, and do not necessarily represent the best reservoi rocks. Our purpose is to reveal the attributes of rocks that have resource potential, or lack thereof, as opposed to identifying rocks with reservoir potential. The data will be presented using a series of maps and sections to show the spatial and temporal variations.

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