As the industry has unlocked vast new resources in North America with multistage fractured horizontal wells, an immense push has occured in terms of applying these new technologies to new plays. In the last 3 years, there has been an immense development in the Cardium tight oil play in Alberta, Canada, as commodity prices have encouraged a shift to oil exploitation whereever possible. A variety of operators and service companies have employed many differing techniques which have evolved over the years, to attempt to maximize Cardium oil production and reserves.

ALL public well files for ALL fractured horizontal wells have already been collected from the public realm regardless of the operator and service company. leading up to the abstract submission date with select wells added up to manuscript deadline date. These files are currently being reviewed and tied to production to establish empirical results and evolution in the exploitation of this play. Factors currently being examined are isolation technologies, stage spacing, frac fluid selection, proppant selection as well as a variety of other information.

A large amount of geological information will be reviewed and presented in order to understand the production expectations as a part of a regional study of various geological properties. When possible, a combination of geological and stimulation information will be examined together.

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