With no commercial mines in operation, Canada's oil shales have not been widely recognized domestically or internationally. Nevertheless, Canada's oil shale resource has been estimated to be 15.2 × 109 bbl, an estimate that may rise with continued exploration across the country. Significant oil shale deposits have been identified in almost every Canadian province and territory, including Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan's oil shale resources are amenable to mining and surface processing but, as is the case with many of the world's deposits, environmental considerations will bolster the importance of developing new "game-changer" technologies that will reduce and/or replace the use of fresh water and dramatically reduce air emissions of CO2, SOX, and NOX. Significant R&D programs are now aimed at developing and demonstrating such new technologies for Saskatchewan's oil shale deposits, in order to make commercially viable a new source of Canadian "technology oil." This paper will provide an overview of oil shale geology, physical properties, and resources, highlighting Saskatchewan's oil shale and some of the novel recovery technologies that are being developed.

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