The polymer flooding technology in high and medium permeability reservoirs has been applied commercially in Daqing Olifield since 1996. It has become an important supporting technology for both the stable output of Daqing Oilfield and the development improvement of the mature oilfields. In order to study EOR method in low permeability(less than 100mD) reservoirs, pilot tests of polymer flooding were performed in Daqing oilfield. According to the research results, the low-molecular weight polymer (400800 Dalton) can be continuously injected into low permeability reservoirs under the specified well spacing. Pilot tests of polymer flooding show that oil production was increased from 1.06 tons/d to 3.04 tons/d and water cut was decreased from 96.0% to 89.8% in low permeability reservoirs. Formations with extra-low permeability(less than 10mD) are not flooded effectively in the process of polymer flooding. Production performance of polymer flooding in low permeability reservoirs can be improved by measures of fracturing or separate zone injection with different molecular weight polymers. Comparison and analysis on injection profiles and productivity profiles at different injection polymer parameters showed that the polymer solution with low-molecular weight and relative high concentration was suitable for polymer flooding in low permeability reservoirs. Numerical simulation and pilot results both showed that more than 5% OOIP were obtained by polymer flooding over that of water flooding in low permeability reservoirs in Daqing oilfield.

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