As populations and economies continue to grow globally, energy demand will grow proportionally. Extensive work by Peter Tertzakian (2006, 2009) has shown crude oil supplies may not keep pace with this increased demand. The shortfall must be met by other energy sources.

Only two current energy sources have the global capacity to, by themselves, address increased energy demand in a timely manner. These are natural gas and coal.

Traditionally, the major use of crude oil has been for processing into transportation fuels, with lesser amounts being used for petro-chemicals and home heating. Natural gas and coal have been used primarily for electrical generation and heating.

A pivotal transition will likely occur in which natural gas and coal begin to see increased use as transportation fuels. A battle for market share between primary fuels will likely ensue.

The objective of this paper is to present data comparing the environmental impact of using methane vs. coal. A compelling case for the use of natural gas as the future "green fuel" emerges.

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