In preparation for potential exploration success in the Lower Jurassic Posidonia shale gas play in The Netherlands, EBN decided to investigate the possibilities and conditions of a commercial shale gas development in the area concerned. To this end, a thorough inventory and cost analysis of all activities, that are needed to develop such a shale gas play, formed the basis for an assessment of the most relevant subsurface & surface as well as commercial conditions for success. Detailed evaluations of cores, logs and ditch cuttings, detailed fracture modeling, production forecasting, planning of wells, well designs, well pads and locations, evacuation routes and project scenarios (single or multiple drilling rigs) formed part of the study.

Apart from the technical and commercial parameters, environmental and legal concerns needed to be addressed. The impact of the industrial activities on the physical and social environment in a densely populated area was mapped. Mitigating/impact reducing opportunities were investigated to assure legal requirements could be met in order to obtain the necessary permits from local, provincial and national authorities and to comply with European rules and regulations.

Study results indicate that economical shale gas development would be feasible in The Netherlands under the applied working assumptions.

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