Lots of cleats, fractures and other weak structures have developed in coal reservoirs, and as a result, there are relatively big difference between its mechanical properties and coal matrix. During the drilling process, the cleats and fractures near the sidewall are more prone to surfer damage than coal matrix under the ground stress, crack stress, fluid pressure and borehole fluid additional stress, and thus destabilizing phenomena such as borehole collapse and circulation loss would take place. This paper used elasticity and fracture mechanics theories, and took the time effect of sidewall rock drilling fluid seepage into consideration to deduct stress intensity factorIandIIat the cleat tip under the action of the fluid-solid coupling, to establish criterion for the failure condition of coal matrix and cleat fractures, and to establish the wellbore stability calculation model for the cleat-featured coal body. Applying the model can calculate the safe drilling fluid density during the drilling process in cleat-featured coal seam, get the influence law of the factors which affect the wellbore stability such as the length of cleats, horizontal inclination of cleats and opening time of borehole, etc, and it also can analyze the time-delay effect of wellbore destabilization during the drilling process in cleat-featured coal seam. The study achievement was the supplement and perfection of the existed estimation model for the wellbore stability of coal seam gas well.

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