The unconventional use of coal to supplement Natural Gas (NG) in the power and chemical industry makes Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) an important technology in economically producing unconventional gas. Present day exploration and production technologies pave the way "from a potential to actual production".

A 3D seismic survey has been applied in Southern Hungary for the site selection of UCG resource blocks, as well as in the design of the most optimal exploration drilling program. The latter exploration techniques directional drilled injection and production wells are planned in the coal seams to sustain the burning front.

Wildhorse UCG Kft is a pioneer in the design and introduction of the environmentally friendly coal based syngas for electric power generation in East-Central European countries. Additionally the syngas can be utilised to supplement national gas supplies as alternative fuel gas. In this presentation the role of 3D seismic is discussed in defining the "Mecseknádasd UCG project".

Wildhorse UCG Kft completed 3D seismic measurements in April and May of 2011 in the Mecseknádasd UCG project area. The goal of the seismic measurements is to image and clarify the structural conditions and to reveal faults and other discontinuities in the coal formation explored previously by historic deep drilling in the area.

The processing and interpretation of the survey results have been performed together by GEOMEGA Kft and Wildhorse UCG Kft and the presentation covers the complete survey results of the Mecseknádasd UCG exploration project:

  • Newly processed results of historical boreholes

  • Results of the seismic survey

  • Geological and geophysical results of new boreholes

  • Possibilities for upgrading the geological model with integrated interpretation by using the available geophysical data (seismic, new boreholes, historic boreholes)

  • The possibilities for the application of 3D seismic survey in the design process of the UCG technology and to monitor the UCG engineering process

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