Drilling the Severnaya Truba Field in Aktobe, Kazahkstan, has proved to be a costly and time consuming challenge for operators trying to maximize profits. The formation is typically drilled with roller cone bits that take multiple runs to complete an interval. To increase effectiveness and drilling efficiency, a hydraulically powered percussion drilling system along with a fixed cutter PDC bit were added.

In place of a conventional drilling system, a new energy distribution system was introduced that would induce axial oscillations and percussion impacts while applying the same weight and torsional energy to the bit. In combination with a drilling fluid powered percussion hammer (FPPH), a fit for application polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit with depth of cut (DOC) control features was used to minimize the exposure of the cutting structure and prevent breakage.

The system combines the torsional power of a conventional positive displacement motor with a high frequency axial pulse created with each rotation. The torque is transferred directly to the bit and 100% of the hydraulic flow is utilized by the bit nozzles to maintain hole cleaning and keep PDC cutters cool. The mechanical lifting and falling action creates a rapid variation in weight on bit (WOB), allowing the bit's depth of cut to fluctuate while overcoming different stresses. These variations, along with the percussion pulse created with each stroke, lead to increased rates of penetration.

This system has been used throughout the world on a variety of formations, using both PDC and roller cone insert bits. This paper will focus on an 8½ in interval drilling operation in the Severnaya Truva field, located 60 km from Zhanazhol field in Kazakhstan. The formations consisted of soft to medium siltstone, red/grey clays, sandstone, hard cemented dolomite, limestone, and very dense clay stone. This new technology proved to increase both ROP and interval drilled, saving seven days of drilling compared to offset wells.

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