This paper details the successful downhole microseismic monitoring of a number of hydraulic fracture treatments in a horizontal well drilled in the Barik reservoir, integrating the results with treatment data. The treatment well was drilled in a direction of 312°, at 90° to the assumed maximum stress direction, with a horizontal section of 1000m.

The well was placed such that it passed within 300m of the well to be used as the observation well. The observation well was plugged immediately above the topmost reservoir perforations to minimize disturbance in micro-seismic data. The maximum geophone array length from the top of the plug to the production string was therefore 60m.

A number of fracture treatments were monitored, with the results giving understanding of fracture placement, direction, length, and height. The early results impacted immediate decision making on perforation strategy. Orientation of the maximum principal horizontal stress was confirmed. Overall frac height appears to demonstrate effective coverage of the Barik reservoir interval. This key data will strongly influence future completion design and the overall development plan of the field.

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