In the current high oil / low gas price North American environment, and considering the new options available for well completions technology in unconventional reservoirs, recent industry activities have turned their focus to the areas of Liquid Rich Shales (LRS) and Light Tight Oil (LTO) along with unconventional tight and shale gas (UG).

Integrated workflows are important to the successful execution of this portfolio, i.e. systematic methodologies to screen and appraise opportunities, and cutting edge integrated technologies must be viewed as key enablers. It is also important to maintain a life-cycle mindset and leverage economies of scale to execute projects faster and more efficiently.

This paper will discuss some of the advances and best practices that Shell has in each of the following disciplines, the value of R&D and applied technologies as well as integrated workflows used for exploration, appraisal and development of UG, LRS, and LTO plays: • Geological screening and sweet-spotting • Geomechanics evaluation and modeling • Reservoir engineering, including PVT sampling and characterization • Completions, stimulations and diagnostics • Artificial lift and operational considerations

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