Few unconventional plays become successful by accident. Relying solely on what has historically been performed to dictate completion development without using resources available to gather the necessary petrophysical information about a play can often lead to disappointing production results. Misinterpreting well results can potentially lead to incorrect assumptions, which can require years to rectify. In the Terryville field of northern Louisiana, which is home to several productive tight gas sandstone layers, determining the correct development strategy was crucial to the economic sustainability for one emerging operator. By investing research, time, and money into the front end of the play’s development, a strategic plan was deployed that allowed an entire field (which might have only looked marginally economic in a favorable gas price environment initially) to be a profitable success story, even during a time of decreasing North American gas prices. By resurrecting old well logs for new rock model analysis, new insight was obtained from the field without any additional expense for drilling and logging operations. Some new vertical well logs were acquired as well, which helped fill in data gaps across the field. The information gleaned from these petrophysical rock models revealed potential in targets that might have otherwise been overlooked or regarded as uneconomical. Some of these targets proved worthy of lateral completions and have produced results that outperform many of the wells in the nearby Haynesville shale gas play. With a better understanding of the reservoir rock mechanics, decisions have been made more confidently about both well construction (where to land and in what direction) and well completions (how to stimulate for optimal results). By continually calibrating and improving the rock modeling of the field using post-completion science (i.e., tracer logs and pressure matching), the knowledge of the reservoir continues to be refined. This case history details the technology examples and resultant production that continue to make the Terryville field a success.

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