Traditional casing connection qualification programs provide confidence in performance, but at a high price. Manufacturer driven evaluations can be overly conservative in order to minimize development costs and allow the results to be applied to a wide range of applications. Evaluations by operators, either independent or in collaboration with manufacturers, can be customized to achieve the minimum amount of risk possible unique to design. Either option may limit the application of the data and can be costly to supplement.

Utilizing prior data to compliment an evaluation will reduce scope, minimizing time and cost, but little formal guidance exists as to how to do this. Workgroups, such as the Product Line Evaluation (PLE) for Thermal Well Connections have created extensive guidance as to how to apply previous work to connection families, yet this remains confidential to the work group. Standards, such as ISO/PAS 12835 formally address the use of previous data in an evaluation, but do not offer guidance as to how to apply it. EVRAZ NA has experience working with clients to develop programs that combine existing data with benchtop/FEA based testing to minimize cost and risk. In this paper, examples of these evaluations will be discussed with the techniques used. This will demonstrate how confidence was built while not only saving time, but critically, cost to achieve an acceptable level of risk.

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