Most untapped promising energy resources in the world are associated with extreme downhole environment conditions. Applying the conventional method of well construction and operation for extreme downhole conditions poses severe challenges for the safety and longevity of the well. Governments and independent standardization organizations have developed several regulations regarding maintaining well integrity. Nevertheless, methods of completing and operating Extreme High-Pressure-High-Temperature (XHPHT) wells as well as geothermal wells have not yet been standardized. Preserving well integrity throughout the life cycle of a well is very crucial. Failure in well integrity can lead to huge operational and environmental risk and increase the energy cost.

This paper critically reviews the causes and solutions of well integrity issues in XHPHT and geothermal wells. After giving an overview of these wells, the paper discusses the well barriers at different ages. It also presents the conditions that lead to well integrity issues. Furthermore, the article discusses comprehensively the influence of acidic environment on cement and casing degradation at HPHT and summarizes the most recent research findings and development strategies in mitigating the integrity issues.

Previous studies revealed that the integrity of well barriers is highly affected by the degradation of drilling and completion fluids, cement, and tubular materials. The main causes of the well integrity loss are the lack of understanding of downhole conditions, inappropriate well construction practices, poor selection of the casing material and cementing type as well as inadequate design verification and validation on the downhole specimen. The well barriers are inter-related to each other as the destruction of one barrier may lead to the dismantling of the entire well barrier envelope. The XHPHT and geothermal wells share numerous similar barrier integrity issues, but they also have some unique problems due to the nature of their own operations. Although there is a significant advancement in solving the well integrity issues for the extreme downhole conditions, a sizable technology gap still exists in constructing and operating XHPHT and geothermal wells.

The current market conditions and the advancement in technologies are making the development of XHPHT wells more economically feasible. This paper serves as a review of the current research and development regarding well integrity issues for XHPHT and geothermal wells.

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