For economic steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) (Butler, 1991) (producer/injector) horizontal well pairs have horizontal well lengths of 850 to over 1000 meters. Since the unconsolidated McMurray reservoir is made up of predominately quartz grains of variable sizes, these producing horizontal wells require liners that are capable of controlling the inflow of sand, minimizing pressure drops across the liner (clogging) and allowing unconstrained fluid production.

Devon Energy has developed a workflow to characterize the particle size and sorting of the reservoir into four statistical bins or sand types. Since numerous sand control technologies are now currently available to SAGD producer wells, Devon initiated a sand control and liner evaluation study to determine appropriate liner designs and aperture sizing specific to these known sand types. The study objective was to characterize the varying sands encountered in the Jackfish and Pike reservoirs, test these sands with industry sand control test procedures and recommend the optimal liner deployed sand screen technology.

This paper will provide a detailed overview of Devon's McMurray sand control test program and subsequent recommendation to deploy wire wrap screen for thermal producers with specific sand signatures. Devon will also introduce its own in-house designed sand control test apparatus.

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