In the last decade, a lot of Research & Development has been dedicated to the improvement of seamless steel pipe properties. While geometrical properties, like tolerances on outside diameter or wall thickness, are mainly influenced by the parameter in the seamless pipe rolling process, material properties are impacted along the whole process route. Investigations into the impacts of tubular production on material properties and resulting field performance have to consider all of the steps between the raw steel production through to the final heat treatment stage including the hot straightening process. The resulting microstructure of the steel is the basis for all material properties of the final steel pipe.

This presentation will show the parameters influencing the material properties of the tubular products and how these parameters can be used to design tailor-made steel tubular products for applications in the oil and gas industry focusing on thermal wells. Topics discussed will include:

  • How different strengthening mechanisms can be used to get optimized mechanical properties, like high strength combined with excellent toughness.

  • How new steel concepts developed for other industry sectors and applications, like the ultra-high strength steels used in crane construction, can be transferred to the oil & gas industry. This provides that the mechanical response of the material has been suitably checked to meet the field conditions. For example the material behavior during the make-up process of tubular connections can affect the performance of the connection.

  • How state-of-the-art micro alloying concepts can be used to resolve the contradiction between high strength and excellent corrosion resistance (e.g. against H2S).

This paper will illustrate how, in order to achieve optimized steel tubular properties for the oil and gas industry, alternative materials may be selected. The specific focus will be on steel tubular products used in thermal wells, e.g. looking at thermal related properties. However it is essential that proper consideration be given to the whole life time of these products: from the production process through to the conditions of the application.

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