Two wells were recompleted to target intervals above the existing production packer, using cement packer technique. Without benefit of rig infrastructure, and with limited deckspace, a multidiscipline team comprising wireline, coiled tubing, cementing and nitrogen services was able to safely and economically access uphole reserves.

In the first of the two wells (Well 9), the program was executed as planned:

  • Punch tubing to establish pumping between tubing and A-annulus

  • Set plug below the tubing punch and bullhead the existing formation

  • Perform saturation and cement bond logs to verify the target interval and base line bonding

  • Set cement retainer

  • Sting into the retainer with coiled tubing and pump cement into the A-annulus and on top of the retainer

  • Perform follow-up bond log to verify isolation

  • Execute through tubing production perforations into the target interval and place the well on production

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