This paper aims to show increased production and recovery factor that had the E. M. Petrosucre by incorporating an effluent injector well as oil producer to the daily production of Corocoro Field (Offshore), keeping its condition as injector in a non-reservoir section with features arranged for storage. This well was initially intended to be a producer in the LPD70_1 reservoir, later to evaluate the pilot hole of the same, considering the analysis from the geological and petrophysical point of view, was tested that was not prospectively and that the LPD70_2 reservoir had better properties at level of this area, reason why it was decided to make a change in the original proceeding, setting as target the LPD70_2reservoir. In this sense, the cannonaide analysis were performed with TCP technique (Tubing-Conveyed Perforating) 7" cannon in the casing 9 5/8" of the production section, using a hydraulic unit (Snubbing), with the purpose of evaluating production scenarios and so propose the best communication well-site. Additionally, technical and economic evaluation were made for well intervention, considering a reserve recovery of 2.3 MMBND and increasing the recovery factor from 36,47 to 38.06%; returning the capital investment in a period of 1,5 years. From the point of view of Reservoir Optimization, this well represents an excellent productio alternative to drain reserves to the top of the structure, knowing that it is away from an active water frontage. This well currently has an average production of 3000 STB/D with 0% of W&S and 25,8 °API. Based on the results it is considered that the practices adopted in this project were positive, ensuring the proper explot and management of the site over time.

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