As operators strive to become more efficient on cost and performance during well construction, their approach to tracking invisible lost time (ILT) and non-productive time (NPT) has been revamped. A state-of-the-art software platform has been introduced into the market to monitor and optimise drilling performance in real-time, enabling early detection of ILT and NPT events, ultimately saving rig time and reducing associated costs.

Given the current economic climate, this platform allows for a smart approach to reduce inefficiencies when drilling a well by its innovative approach of benchmarking and monitoring. One of the competitive advantages of utilising this platform for a drilling advisory service is the pre-job study, in conjunction with the operator, to develop the key performance indicators (KPI) that will be referenced as benchmarks for real-time trend monitoring.

Up to 39 different KPI's, such as rate of penetration, on and off-bottom time, circulating and connection times are determined, however for this study, the performance indicator of connection times while drilling and tripping will be analyzed. With a more user-friendly interface, optimized for 24/7 trend monitoring, this platform serves to be a more beneficial and market-leading approach to performance monitoring.

The aforementioned, coupled with breakthrough thinking, reveals the potential for savings which can be harvested by the operator by driving operational performance, resulting in more proficient operations. This paper will showcase one such case history to reveal missed opportunities and the associated cost and value benefits.

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