Severe slugging occurs in different parts of the total production system. Slug flow is a major, expensive headache for oil producers and it has a negative impact on the operation of onshore and offshore facilities. It causes reduction on separator efficiency and unnecessary shutdowns. The study presented in this paper covers the total process to analyze slug flow pattern in a network and possible ways of mitigation.

The oil and gas distribution networks are complex and each present distinct but sometimes overlapping flow assurance challenges that will change over time. In this paper developed a workflow that simulate slug flow. The novelty of this workflow is the ability to perform a slugging analysis with different scenarios that mitigate slug flow. The fluctuations frequently lead to a reduction of separator efficiency caused by excessive liquid levels and pressure surges in the first stage separator. This solution, can provide a relative low-cost method to mitigate slugging and can help the operator to anticipate further decisions based on forecast production, although each system needs to be examined in detail to understand the current operation and the future performance changing the production conditions.

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