Predicting the effects of reservoir and well parameters on the performance of multi-fractured horizontal wells in low-water-producing reservoirs is very important in determining which operations should be taken for improving the gas recovery. Due to the increased number of horizontal wells drilled in Daniudi gas field, there is a necessity for a better and improved understanding of the behavior and performance.

In this case, a linear regression model approaches for developing prediction the performance from well data of Daniudi gas field. The linear regression model has been developed relationships among the performances, reservoir and well parameters. The results show that the performances are not only functions of permeability, pressure drops, gas saturation, number of fractures, length of horizontal well, but also related with some special parameters such as drilling-encounter rate, flowback rate, water gas ratio. Additionally, the linear regression model is corrected by considering the problem of liquid loading. Finally, the sensitivity analyses of these parameters have been studied and the parameters have been ordered according to the degree of sensitivity. This study is very important for understanding the main influence parameters on the performance in Daniudi gas field, which play a significant role for further operations to improving the performances.

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