This is a study that represents ongoing academic research into the folds of perception, organizational culture and high reliability. In the shadow of persistent industrial failures it is probable that problems with operational safety reside in abnormalities of culture. Such cultural apparitions regularly fuel failure in high risk technologies making innovation rather unreliable. As innovation grows it is worth the effort to investigate further how resilience in the face of eternal socio-technical biases can be improved. Problem solving approaches offer regressive ideas that increase the chances of deviation and the appearace of disasters.

The assumption is that resilience can be improved in critical operations using High Reliability Theory (HRT). Moreover HRT is more robust when the new constructive method of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is applied. This early study shows that existing safety culture in a highly reliable group is positively transformed by AI and makes a more productive organization feasible.

Research was conducted from the characteristic insider perspective. A small section of a highly reliable organization was sampled. Using ethnographic methodology feedback from electronic surveying collected personal responses for discussion. While individual interviews proved difficult and the sample group was small there was enough evidence to acknowledge the influence of positive revolution. This study had two major findings a) Using AI methodology stimulates positive, resilient feelings in members and b) members readily used these positive experience to envision a more productive organization.

This study can potentially reduce over emphasis on problem solving methods to explain and change the human factors associated with failure. Cultural factors are better studied and modified by positive influence. The study here makes way for more persuasive academic discussion on resilience by constructivist perspectives. High reliability organizations are more sustainably designed on positive principles.

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