The technology of Stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) has been the key technology for unconventional reservoir development, it can create fracture network in formation and increase the contact area between fracture surface and matrix, thus realizing the three-dimensional stimulation and enhancing single well productivity and ultimate recovery. In China, the Ordos Basin contains large areas of tight oil reservoir with the porosity of 2~12 % and permeability of 0.01~1 mD. The most used development mode is conventional fracturing and water flooding, which is different from the natural depletion mode in oversea, but the development effect is still unfavorable. The idea of SRV is proposed in nearly two years in Changqing Oilfield. SRV measures are implemented in some old wells in tight oil formation. It is a significant problem that should be solved urgently about how to evaluate the volume fracturing effect.

Based on the real cases of old wells with SRV measures, the microseismic monitoring is used to analyze the scale of formation stimulation and the complexity of fracture network after volume fracturing; the numerical well test and production data analysis (PDA) are selected to explain the well test data, to analyze the dynamic data, and to compare the changes of formation parameters, fluid parameters and plane streamlines before and after volume fracturing; then the interpretation results of well test with the dynamic of oil and water wells are combined to evaluate the stimulation results of old wells after SRV.

This paper has presented a set of screening criteria and an evaluation method of fracturing effect for old well with SRV in tight oil reservoir. It will be helpful to the selection of candidate well and volume fracturing operation in Ordos Basin tight oil reservoir.

It should be noted that the evaluation method mentioned in the paper can be expanded to volume stimulation effect evaluation in other unconventional reservoirs, such as tight gas, shale gas and so on.

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