This paper presents a new methodology developed in the Repsol Technology Center (CTR), to perform the prescreening of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes in an innovate and integrated way. The methodology consists in four stages adapted to different levels of available information: 1) an analogous reservoir identification step, where it is analyzed the experience in terms of EOR applications in similar reservoirs; 2) a go/no go pre-screening scheme of EOR technologies based on average reservoir and fluid properties; 3) a more detailed screening using reservoir and fluid properties distribution defined in 3D geological model, where areas of EOR application are identified and the volumetric impact is estimated; and 4) a qualitative ranking of the pre-selected EOR technologies, considering three main factors: the oil recovery, the success factor and the estimated cost of the process including the environmental impact.

This methodology has been successfully applied in real fields. In this paper, we will present four different cases showing the flexibility of CTR workflow. Case A and Case B are examples of offshore, brown, light- medium oil fields, of sandstone and carbonates respectively. Cases C and D are illustrations of onshore, sandstone, heavy and extra-heavy oil fields correspondingly.

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