The low salinity water injection (LSWI) technique is gaining popularity due to the simplicity of the method compared to other thermal and chemical EOR techniques. In this paper, a fundamental model is proposed which captures the effect of LSWI on improving the microscopic displacement efficiency from carbonates through the trapping number. The proposed model was used to history match recently published corefloods using the UTCHEM simulator. The proposed model incorporates wettability alteration effect through contact angle and trapping parameter. Results showed that history matching of the corefloods was performed successfully using the proposed model. Moreover, wettability alteration is the main contributor to LSWI effect on oil recovery from carbonate rocks. The proposed model was further validated upon which the applicability is extended to include weakly-oil-wet to mixed-wet rocks. This model can be used for oil recovery predictions from carbonate rocks at the field-scale.

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