The BP gas business in Trinidad is a complex multi-field, offshore business which supplies several long term gas contracts. Assets comprise 10 producing fields, prolific reservoirs and high rate producing wells. Gas volumes are transported via a complex processing and transportation network. This complexity necessitated the need for an integrated dynamic model that accurately simulates the physics of flow through the reservoir, well and surface system to improve production forecasting and identify system optimization opportunities. IAM provides this simulation capability.

The IAM model combines Trinidad’s complex facility network with hundreds of material balance and well models which allows for accurate simulation of flow through the system. This facilitates quantification of additional deliverability due to sequence optimization at any point in future production of the business.

IAM usage for production forecasting, scenario planning and for evaluating compression scenarios began in September 2008. IAM output analysis has informed several important business decisions such as choices around the continuity of the rig programmes, the timing and urgency of New Field Development options, the quantity and execution timing of opportunities required for gas supply, the cost and value of production capacity installed.

In this paper we discuss the process in building the Trinidad IAM model, learnings gathered from the model build and the future plans for using the IAM model for system optimization within bpTT.

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